In the last few weeks a few people have asked me where the “Comments” section has gone.

I am not sure exactly where it has gone – but I am pleased to report that it has indeed gone.  With that out of the way, I will be able to continue writing and publishing relevent posts, without having to spend all my time deleting spam!

I have received a number of very interesting comments in the last two years, particularly from people who themselves were on the island years ago, and from people whom Bee and I know from other stages of our lives.  We will always be interested to hear from our friends from the past, on our usual email addresses.  If, however, you are ‘coming in from the outside’, I should now be able to receive comments on a new email address that I have opened for the purpose – penguins.potatoes AT   I may perhaps publish an occasional post that is simply an abstract of comments received.

Let’s hope that these steps have enabled me to shake off the scourge of the spammer!